G-Bond tækni, bjartasti LCD skjárinn

disGDS launches 4000 cd/m2 High Bright LCD Displays for full outdoor applications. GDS has just unveiled at ISE in Amsterdam its new high bright family of products. The excitement and expectations around these brand new products are very high as they can finally give to outdoor communication the WOW factor Digital Out-Of-Home market has been always looking for.

The new high bright products are ideal for Digital Signage and Public Information Display applications. "The technology behind these stunning images and this unmatched level of picture detail in full sunlight outdoor environments is all but obvious", says Andrea Ongaro, Chief Technology Officer of GDS.

Nánar: G-Bond tækni, bjartasti LCD skjárinn

GDS eigandi Hantarex setur upp 60m2 LCD skjávegg í Ósló. Þann stærsta í Evrópu


GDS - 2012GDS HANTAREX SRL - The largest optically enhanced videowall in Europe: another GDS installation in Oslo – Sentralstasjo

The largest optically enhanced LCD video wall in Europe has been installed by GDS in Oslo Central Station, the most crowded railway station in Norway. 

The result is impressive. The brand new G-Wall installed in Oslo covers an area of nearly 60 square meters and the difference with the old one with old fluorescent tubes installed in 1999 is amazing. 

Nánar: GDS eigandi Hantarex setur upp 60m2 LCD skjávegg í Ósló. Þann stærsta í Evrópu

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